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Janine is a jewelry designer, mixed media artist and photographer. Inspired by my travels and life by the sea, Janine created and founded   JMCH Studios & Authentic Occurrence 

 Key Largo Fl.  in the year 2000

We invite you to relax and take some island time, listen to some cool tropical tunes and browse our site. We hope that you find unique treasures for you and the ones that you love. Pamper yourself or celebrate any special occasion that comes to mind with authentic  handmade works of art for the home and fashion.

 Janine is always working on new designs and artwork. We hope to become one of your favorites and share us with family and friends. Please visit our virtual island paradise and our social media pages as often as you like. 

Thank you for supporting me through this exciting journey into my imagination.~ Cheers!  

JMCH Studios®

Artisan Crafted Jewelry • Fine Art • Photography  

is the heart & soul of all of my passions combining my love for art, creativity and #LuvinLifeByTheSea. The studio hosts many of my creations in mixed media art, jewelry designs and photography.

Put your toes in the sand with a cool drink in your hand and follow us on facebook 

JMCH Studios #SmilingInTheSun  ~ Host Studio Blog 

"For those that dare to dream...

                     Today's the day!" ~ Mel Fisher

           * Cast replicas & wire designs by Janine * 

 Designed by:

    Janine @ JMCH Studios

P.O Box 242

Titusville, Fl 32781

Copy Right 2000 - 2021 • JMCH Studios®

All Rights Reserved

Unauthorized production and/or duplication of any part of this sight is prohibited

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